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Who We Are?

Yemen Shadows is a general service, logistic support, importing and distribution company, registered in Sana’a, Republic of Yemen. Yemen Shadows is established to provide cost-effective and quality products and services ranging from electronic products, accessories, clothes, fabrics, shoes, leather products, construction materials and tools, transport services, spare parts, foodstuffs, agricultural harvests, tools, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, medical appliances and medicines, office automation applications, stationeries and heavy equipment. We are ready to provide such products and services anywhere in Yemen.


We focus on delivery of high-impact solutions that incorporate customized functionality specific to clients’ requirements, which include sourcing external suppliers, arranging communication between clients and suppliers, negotiating orders, and controlling clients’ specifications, quality and delivery dates. Thus, we add value to our clients and build long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

With highly qualified team with excellent expertise and performance in both GOs and NGOs, Mr. Kamal Al – Jabobi established Yemen Shadows in 2017 as a general services company serving the market in Yemen.

Yemen Shadows works efficiently to build strong business relations with various clients in Yemen through supply of cost-effective and quality products/services provided in professional business conduct with application of international standards and strict commitment towards its obligations.
Yemen Shadows seeks to serve various clients in Yemen with provision of excellent products, professional services through standard business practices and corporate commitment to its obligations towards achievement of regular strategic growth as a major business organization in Yemen.

Yemen Shadows observes the following values in its performance:

      • Commitment to business obligations and corporate responsibilities.
      • Excellence in provision of products and services.
      • Respect to clients and various business stakeholders.
      • Professional performance through transparent transactions, mutual support, teamwork, problem-solving abilities, ethical behavior and goal-oriented actions.   
Organizational Chart

Our Business

Since its foundation in 2017, Yemen Shadows has been able to achieve good progress in its business plans and corporate strategy. It has already worked with NGOs on provision of hygiene kits and during the current situation in Yemen and delivered hygiene kits and food bags to some areas in Yemen, which suffer from war. Also, it has performed multiple solar energy system projects to provide access to power in different areas in Yemen.

We Provide the Following

  • Energy solutions and Electrical Construction
  • Medicines and Medical Appliances
  • Agricultural Crops and Seeds
      • Supply of electrical equipment for houses and power generation stations.
      • Implementation of various electrical projects by a well-trained and skilled team.
      • Supply and installation of solar energy systems (including batteries, solar panels, inverters, etc.) with various scales.
      • Importing various brands of solar energy systems such as Mppsolar, Ritarpower, AE-solar and many others.
      • Provision of and installation of solar water pumping systems in different locations across the country.
    • Supply of various quantities of medicines and health consumables.
    • Supply and installation of medical appliances and clinic/hospital furniture items and equipment to any area in Yemen.
    • Supply and distribution of any quantities of quality agricultural crops, such as various types of grains grown in Yemen, which are provided as seeds for local farmers in contribution to development of their agricultural production.

Business Processes

As may be agreed with clients, we may undertake to perform the following services and processes:  

  • General Process
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Logistic Support
    • Sourcing the best products at the most competitive prices as per the clients’ requirements.
    • Provision of order samples.
    • Following up of production and timely deliveries of orders.
    • Following up of production audits to verify accuracy and consistency.
    • Provision of exclusively computerized systems of purchases.
    • Yemen Shadows offers services to represent its clients before external suppliers and act as their buying agent in Yemen.
    • Yemen Shadows works with suppliers who are from major industries with a strong financial base.
    • The suppliers are selected through vigorous evaluation process, through full assessment of their manufacturing and management capabilities (plant, machinery, equipment, labor skills, social compliance, financial strength and management style).
    • While sourcing a supplier, Yemen Shadows gives priority to their past performance, market reputation, evaluation of their facilities, staff and social compliance standards.
    • We have developed a good base of competent suppliers, based on their reliability and performance.
    • “Attention to details” is our forte when it comes to quality control. Our quality assurance inspectors visit manufacturing sites at various stages of production to ensure that quality and specifications conform to our clients’ orders and mutually agreed standards.
    • Yemen Shadows has a software application to control all stages of orders, which results into delivery of quality products as per clients’ specifications.
    • Yemen Shadows team diligently works and communicates with shipping companies and agents for timely shipments. It shares the updates with all related parties.
    • Such keen communication and cooperation result into minimizing unnecessary delays and demurrage charges.

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Contact us

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Sana’a, Republic of Yemen

Address:  14 October Street, Hadda

Mobile: +967 777789685